Visions in Action

Visions in Action: Selected Writings of Seymour Fox

Edited by Jonathan Cohen | Published by Mandel Foundation and Keter Books

​Professor Seymour Fox (1929-2006) studied at the University of Chicago, where he completed his Ph.D. with Professor Joseph Schwab. He also studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, where he was ordained as rabbi and served as dean of its Teachers’ Institute.

In 1967, Professor Fox joined the faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He served as dean of its School of Education from 1967 until 1981. He was author and editor of a number of books and articles on curriculum theory and Jewish education, selections from which appear in this anthology.

In the 90’s, as President of the Mandel Institute, he crafted both the Mandel Jerusalem Fellows Program and the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.

Professor Fox devoted his life to ennobling and enhancing education in both Israel and in the Diaspora. It is our hope that this volume will contribute to the continuation of his legacy.

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