Mandel Position Papers

Position Papers and Background Documents: Mandel Graduates Conference 2007

By Mandel Graduates

This Hebrew publication contains position papers and background documents from the Mandel Leadership Institute Graduates Conference in May 2007. Contents include:

  • Standards in the Israeli Educational System: Questions and Ways of Thinking, by Gal Fisher, Granit Almog-Bareket
  • The Spread of Privatization in the Educational System, by Eitan Moran

  • Academic Quality and Increasing Access to Higher Education: Conflicting or Synergetic Principles? by Dr. Michal Sela, Yuval Evry

  • Moral Education: Who holds the Responsibility for Designing the Ethical Implications of the Curriculum? ​by Inbar Avital and Arie Haskin

To read the position papers and background documents click here (Hebrew)