Panim Journal

Panim Journal

Edited by Edited by Avi Katzman and Ruvik Rosenthal

The Mandel Foundation and the journal Panim: Quarterly for Society, Culture and Education joined together to produce a special issue marking the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city. The celebratory issue edited by the journal’s regular editor Ruvik Rosenthal together with guest editor Avi Katzman of the Mandel Leadership Institute, focuses on the one hundred years of the city’s history up until the present day and features rare historical pictures of life in the city since its founding. Several of the articles deal with the concept of Hebrew culture and the way it has been actualized in Tel Aviv. Special emphasis is given to the role of education in the city’s early days in forming Hebrew culture and molding Hebrew-speaking youth.

To read the celebratory issue click here (Hebrew)