Educational Deliberations

Educational Deliberations: Studies in Education Dedicated to Professor Shlomo (Seymour) Fox

Edited by Prof. Mordecai Nisan and Oded Schremer | Published by Keter / Mandel Leadership Institute

To mark the 75th birthday of Professor Shlomo (Seymour) Fox, his colleagues, friends and students got together to complile two collections of articles in his honor, one in English and one in Hebrew. What they all have in common is the attempt to reflect a general view of education that combines vision and practice, th​​e desirable and the attainable, the universal and the particular. Together these articles reflect the manifold aspects of Fox's life work since he began working in education more than 50 years ago.

The education deliberations presented in this book are based on Jewish and general thought, the experience of practitioners and the systematic study of researchers. The theoretical and practical challenge that Fox has posed and which the papers take up is unconventional in its demands on teachers, researchers and scholars. It awakens those in the field and those who shape education to fresh thinking and action.

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