A Question of Education

A Question of Education

Israel Scheffler | Published by Mandel Foundation and Keter Books

​The works of Professor Israel Scheffler, one of the leading educational philosophers of our times, form a rich library that has been translated into many languages. His books are read by education professionals – including educational researchers and scientists; teachers and teacher trainers; curriculum writers; policy makers and their advisers; and spiritual leaders – as well as by laypeople who are interested in expanding their horizons. Prof. Scheffler’s works have been published in many countries around the world, and several have been translated into Hebrew. 

This Hebrew collection, part of the Bookmarks series published jointly by the Mandel Foundation and Keter Books, brings a representative sample of all of Professor Scheffler's writings, across a diverse range of subjects, to the Israeli reader for the first time. The collection reflects not only Professor Scheffler’s educational work, but also his personal charm and great humility.

To download the full book, click here (Hebrew)