A Decade of Learning

A Decade of Learning

By Susan Stodolsky

A Decade of Learning is an in depth evaluation of the first five national cohorts and one community-based program of the Mandel Teacher Educator Institute (MTEI). After more than thirteen year of developing Jewish Education leadership in North America, MTEI has conducted evaluation research in order to document accomplishments to date as well as highlighting some enduring challenges.

A Decade of Learning addresses the history of the MTEI program, the reasons it has been established, its philosophy and the challenges in Jewish education the program been addressing since its inception. The findings of the evaluation indicate that there is strong evidence that the MTEI program has been successful in cultivating a significantly strengthened leadership corps in Jewish education in North America. MTEI alumni are working in various levels of the North American Jewish education infrastructure including universities, bureaus of Jewish education, day schools, supplementary schools, early childhood, and on-going adult education.

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