May 31, 2015

Morton Mandel in an interview on Israeli television with Kobi Meidan

Morton Mandel, Chairman and CEO of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, shares insights as one of America's leading philanthropists and businessmen, with acclaimed Israeli television interviewer Kobi Meidan.


March 2, 2014

Dana Weiss interview



June 10, 2015

Mandel Programs for Leadership in the Haredi Community





Visions of Jewish Education

Edited by Seymour Fox, Israel Scheffler, Daniel Marom

Bringing together a set of alternative conceptions of an ideal Jewish education for the contemporary world by six leading scholars...>>



Communities of Learners & Communities of Teachers

Edited by Prof. Lee S. Shulman

Shulman considers the idea of a “community of learners”—what this term means, where and how it is being practiced in school settings, and the difficulties of establishing ...>>