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The Coronavirus Crisis from a Global Perspective

A lecture by Professor Manuel Trajtenberg presented as part of the Mandel series "A Time of Crisis: A Time for Leadership"

The COVID-19 crisis is both global and personal at the same time. Its mandatory social distancing and ongoing uncertainty affect all parts of society – young and old, in the center and the periphery. The situation demands that those in leadership positions create order within the chaos, find existing anchors to cling to and invent new ones. They also must look ahead to the end of the crisis and prepare to deal with its dire consequences, which some believe will be even more difficult than the crisis itself.

As Israelis sheltered in place, the Mandel Foundation–Israel launched a series of online enrichment events for the Mandel community. These virtual meetings provided an opportunity to examine dramatic events and big questions from various angles relevant to leaders in educational and social action in Israel.

The first lecture in the series was titled “The Coronavirus Crisis from a Global Perspective: How Do We Prepare for the Next Level?” Presented by Professor Manuel Trajtenberg, professor of economics at Tel Aviv University, it focused on the implications of the coronavirus crisis for globalization and the global economy, exploring questions such as: How will the world order change in the post-COVID-19 era? What will happen to liberal democracies and what will happen to autocracies? How will the economic world change following the crisis?

Watch the Hebrew lecture below or read the Hebrew Transcript. 

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