Accessibility Statement

The Mandel Foundation–Israel is committed to making its facilities accessible to people with disabilities.

The Foundation’s building in Jerusalem, which was completed in 2020, was planned and constructed in accordance with the requirements of Israel’s accessibility law. Measures to ensure accessibility include:

  • The elevators are handicapped accessible
  • Bathroom stalls are handicapped accessible
  • Audio equipment has been installed in all classrooms
  • Handrails have been installed in the building and outside areas
  • The building’s entrances all have accessible doors
  • All sidewalks leading to the building have been lowered and comply with Israel’s new accessibility regulations
  • The parking lot has designated parking spaces for people with disabilities, in accordance with the relevant regulations
  • The passageways and stairs in the building are clearly marked as required
  • There are signs in the open areas of the building

We Are Open to Suggestions

The Mandel Foundation–Israel is continuing its efforts to improve the accessibility of its facilities and its websites, as part of its commitment to enable all people to receive the most accessible services possible.

If you encounter a problem related to accessibility, please contact us and we will make every effort to find an appropriate solution and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

How to Contact our Accessibility Coordinator

Name: Oshry Isschar
Telephone: +972-2-568-8816 | +972-54-888-3426